Vision First and Downers Grove Lions Club benefit sponsors and guests

Vision First is grateful for all the support given to ensure the success of our benefit on April 27, 2007. 


Presidential Sponsors (Full page ads) $500: 

Mark Galat of Marble Tech, Inc. ($700); The Front Street Lofts of Lemont by Marquette Companies and Ryan Hill Realty ($600); Advocate Good Samaritan Hospital ($600); The Optometric Four Horsemen and Cavalry—Doctors Floyd Mizener, Floyd Woods, Larry Vogel, John Leon, Willard Lyons, Joseph Nolan, Elliot Politser, Sol Rocke, and Sol Tannenbaum; Steve Butzon and the West Suburban Optometric Society; Gary and Tiffany Lichlyter of Lemont Kitchen and Bath; Fairview Village; Downers Grove National Bank; and Mark Hughes of Hughes Financial.


Senatorial Sponsors (Half page ads) $250: 

Senator Kirk Dillard; Mike Horstman and the Illinois Optometric Association; Len Messner and Vince Brandys of the Illinois Eye Institute; Ronald Carr and Brent Schoppe of the South Suburban and Joliet Societies; Joseph Subak of Advanced Family Eyecare; the optometrists in private practice in Downers Grove—John Sims, Laura Giancola, Todd Robert, Bradley Kampschroeder, Michael Halkias, Len Hardesty, Janice Walser, and Linda Weil; Jeff Rutter of Citgo Petroleum Lemont Refinery; Rich Schubert of Yonan Carpet One ($350); Mid-America Bank; and Tom and Jan Sleeter of Financial Network Investment Corp.


Representative Sponsors (Quarter page ads) $125: 

Senator Dan Cronin; Judy Biggert, U.S. Congress; Leo Prentice, OD; Nicholas J. Gatto, DC; Harris Bank; Community Bank of Downers Grove; Harry’s Sweat Shop; and Emmett’s Ale House.


Table Sponsor $100:

Susan Thomas of the American Optometric Association. 


Program Listing $25: 

Rep. Patricia R. Bellock; Dr. Bob Carlo—Dist. 61; Rep. Jim Durkin; Jim and Debra Flynn; Chip Johnson—Dist. 61; Garvey Office Products; Dominick Maino, OD; Merlin Muffler and Brake; Rep. James H. “Jim” Meyer; Mike and Judy Mrozak; North Beach of Downers Grove; Joe and Janice Papic; Rep. Sandra Pihos; Senator Christine Radogno; Cecilia Roth; Marc Tomaszkiewicz; Valentine’s Italian Bistro; Tricia Vidinich; and Sig Vaznelis of Morris Engineering.


Printing donated by:

Mike Naples of Maclyn Group.


Donated ticket sponsors:

The following doctors and individuals were not able to attend the event but generously donated tickets ($80 each) in their place:  Dr. Geoffrey Goodfellow (4); Dr. Ron Carr (2); Jim and Deb Flynn (2); Dr. Richard Gelbuda (2); Dr. Jay Gulotta (2); Dr. Bill Bordwell ($100); Mike and Judy Mrozak (1); Cecilia Roth (1); Dr. Don Brown (1); Dr. Sandy Bury (1); Dr. Linda Carlson (1); Dr. Ernie Carrasco (1); Dr. Alice Cass (1); Dr. Steve Devick (1); Dr. Mary Lou French (1); Dr. Ron Harrison (1); Dr. Julianne Kos (1); Dr. Eli Lelis (1); and Dr. Darrell Schlange (1). 


220 guests:

More thanks to the 220 guests present:  Jim Addington; Jody Albert; Jeff and Laura Palermo Arndt; Steve and Susan Baker; Representative Patricia Bellock; Harold and Joan Bicek; Tom Bicek; Robert and Margo Brenart; Wally Brown; Al and Linda Bucar; Steve and Caroline Cho Butzon; Erwin and Margaret Cabela; Jackie Carlock; Jay and Nancy Congdon; Brad and Terissa Conrey; Brian and Katherine Conrey; Robert Dankwardt; Brian and Kathy Del Carlo; John Engstrom; Sarah Evans; Sam Forzley; Mark Galat; David and Dora Goodwin; Margaret Gorman; April Green; Len Hardesty; Nancy Harazin; Cecilia and Michael Heiges; Mark and Janet Hughes; Peter and Betty Hultman; Helen Humphries; Stephanie Johnson-Brown; Robert Johnson; David and Katherine Kasper; Bill and Mary Ann Kren; Leon Kubicki; Gary Lichlyter; Ingryd Lorenzana; Don and Barbara Maduzia; Shawn Mallady; Dale and JeanMarie McCormack; Larry and Linda McLaughlin; Curt and Debbie Mizener; Floyd and Shirley Mizener; John and Doris Mochel; Richard and Jackie Multack; Darrell and Marina Muscolino; Jim and Katherine Narbone; Ed and Barb Olson; Tim and Karen Ortiz; Phil Ortiz; Anita Pearson and Paul Murphy; Jim and Victoria Pelletiere; Jake and Sophie Pollick; Tom Poswilko; Leo and Linda Prentice; Frank and Arlene Quirk; David Rhoads; Stuart and Cynde Richer; Jim Riley; John and Bernice Rimkus; Todd and Deneen Robert; Robert and Cheryl Saar; George and Carrie Schimmer; Paul and Jamie Lee Silver; John and Kay Sims; Tom and Mary Ann Sisul; Mark and Gail Skowron; Tom and Janis Sleeter; Stanley and Loretta Smith; Kenny and Kathy Smith; Harry and Pat Spataro; Bob Steinmetz; Steve and MaryAnne Steinmetz; Matthew and Carrie Sypherd; Daryl Taylor; Martin and Shannon Tully; Lawrence Vogel; Ron Vrona; Rich and Nora Waliczek; Tim and Diane Waynick; Frank and Marlys Welsh; John and Sherri Wheeler; Daryl Woltman; John and Erika Wood; Floyd and Dorothy Woods; and Richard Zajicek.

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Thank you in advance for your understanding and assistance.