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Don't wait for your state to require eye examinations.  Take action and begin now. 


"How do I do this?" 

The Kids Eyes Count Campaign is your answer.  Complete a Vision First report form for every child you examine. 

  • Increase communication with your parents.
  • Increase compliance with your treatment recommendations.
  • Remember…what's good for the patient is good for the practice.

Use the custom Preschool Comprehensive Eye and Vision Examination Report for 3 and 4 year-olds and the custom Student Comprehensive Eye and Vision Examination Report for children in grades K-12.  The Reference Page explains the Vision First report and can be distributed, too, with the Vision First fact sheets.  

  • The custom version allows you to easily add your name and eye clinic to the Vision First documents.  (For example: Approved for distribution by Dr. John Doe, Exceptional Eye Care, 1-800-141-2020.)

The Vision First office instructions will help you and your office staff.

For questions regarding the completion of the form, please contact us here...


Are visual skills tests part of your eye exam?

  • A comprehensive eye and vision examination includes eye health, visual acuity, and visual efficiency.
  • The demands for reading and writing are occurring at an earlier age for children.
  • Parents and teachers are depending on your eye examination to identify, treat, and prevent vision problems that could interfere with a child's ability to succeed in school and in life.

For questions regarding the completion of a comprehensive eye and vision examination, please contact us here...


Support CE requirements in functional vision

As the movement for children's vision continues to gain momentum towards comprehensive eye and vision examinations instead of vision screenings, optometry must ensure all optometrists are knowledgeable regarding functional vision and learning related care.

Vision First encourages you to learn all you can in order for you to best serve your patients.  Remember...what's good for the patient, is good for the practice.

Urge your state optometric licensing board to require a minimum of two hours per year of functional vision and learning related care as part of the optometric CE requirements for each renewal period.  Click here for the Vision First resolution.

  • Uphold the fundamentals of optometry which is rooted in functional vision care.
  • Ensure all optometrists are exposed to education on a regular basis regarding amblyopia, strabismus, visual efficiency, and visual processing.
  • Ensure optometry maintains its highest standards for its individual patients and for the profession as a whole.


A special note for ophthalmologists

Since ophthalmologists are exempt from any optometric CE requirements, Vision First encourages all ophthalmologists, whose practice involves children, to enroll in CE courses regarding functional vision and learning related care. You will be amazed at what you will learn.  Your patients will thank you!


We're forming a list

We're currently forming a list of eye doctors who joined our campaign.

Commit to completing the Vision First report forms for every child you examine and we'll post your name and contact information, including your website, on our website.

We will use your information for only Vision First purposes.  Vision First will never sell your name to any third party or share your personal information with anyone without your permission.


The perfect book for your waiting room

"As an advocate for children's vision, I highly recommend all parents read this excellent reference book written by the renowned optometrist Dr. G.N. Getman: "How to Develop Your Child's Intelligence."   We are living in a high-tech culture today with unrealistic expectations placed on children's development and ability.

This timeless book shows parents how to provide a more adequate childhood."  Order a copy for your practice's waiting room here.

Janet V. Hughes, Founder and President
Vision First Foundation

"There is not enough darkness in the world to extinguish the light of one small candle."
—Spanish Proverb

Dr. Floyd Woods and Dr. Sandra Bury, AOA's 2004 Optometrist of the Year, urge all eye doctors to join the "Kids Eyes Count Campaign" and to complete a Vision First report for every child examined.

"For Illinois" versions here

If you live in Illinois, use the Vision First report forms made especially for Illinois. These documents reference Illinois law. View "For Illinois" here...

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