For Homeschooling

Homeschoolers want the best for their children.  It is important homeschooling parents know what is best for a child's eyes.

Since homeschoolers are usually exempt from state imposed health recommendations or requirements, our Kids Eyes Count Campaign will help you provide the best eye care all children deserve.


All children can benefit from an eye examination

Vision First advocates all parents to bring the Preschool or Student Comprehensive Eye and Vision Examination Report to a child’s eye appointment.  The Reference Page explains the report form.

  • The Vision First report exceeds state standards. 
  • Parents and teachers are depending on the eye doctor’s eye examination to identify, treat, and prevent vision problems that could interfere with a child’s ability to succeed in school and in life.
  • A completed Vision First report provides valuable information about a child's visual abilities and eye care needs.


Does a child have:

  • Trouble completing schoolwork?
  • Delayed progress or difficulties in school?
  • Eye strain?
  • Headaches?
  • Short attention span?
  • Avoidance of reading or close work?
  • Frequent loss of place when reading?
  • Poor handwriting?
  • A child may or may not display symptoms of impaired vision.

When in doubt, check it out.


Join the Kids Eyes Count Campaign

  • Encourage comprehensive eye and vision examinations by an eye doctor for all homeschoolers.
  • If your state is participating in a vision screening program, ensure a vision screening notification letter is distributed before any vision screening is conducted as a disclaimer.
  • If your state requires vision screenings, initiate legislation requiring parental notification and the choice of an eye examination in place of a vision screening. 



"Act as if what you do makes a difference.  It does."
—William James

Schedule an eye appointment with an eye doctor for your child today.

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