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According to the National Eye Institute, “Vision disorders are the most prevalent handicapping condition in childhood.  Early detection increases the likelihood of effective treatment.”

The Kids Eyes Count Campaign is an excellent opportunity for you to learn about children’s eye and vision care. 


All children can benefit from an eye examination

Vision First encourages all parents bring a Vision First report form to a child’s eye appointment.  Vision screening is not a substitute for an eye exam by an eye doctor.

(Standard, US version, shown here.)

An eye doctor’s eye examination should identify, treat, and prevent vision problems that could interfere with a child’s ability to succeed in school and in life.


Bring the Vision First report to your child's eye exam

A comprehensive eye and vision examination includes eye health, visual acuity, a refractive evaluation, and visual efficiency.  The Reference Page explains the Vision First reports. 

  • Increase communication between the parent and eye doctor.
  • Increase the understanding of a child’s visual abilities and eye care needs.
  • Successful treatment for the child depends on the parent's compliance with the eye doctor's recommendations.


Does your child have:

  • Trouble completing schoolwork?
  • Delayed progress or difficulties in school?
  • Eye strain?
  • Headaches?
  • Short attention span?
  • Avoidance of reading or close work?
  • Frequent loss of place when reading?
  • Poor handwriting?
  • A child may or may not display symptoms of impaired vision.

When in doubt, check it out.


Recommended book for all parents

"As an advocate for children's vision, I highly recommend all parents read this excellent reference book written by the renowned optometrist, Dr. G.N. Getman: How to Develop Your Child's Intelligence.  We are living in a high-tech culture today with unrealistic expectations placed on children's development and ability. This timeless book shows parents how to provide a more adequate childhood.  Order a copy today...

Janet V. Hughes, Founder and President
Vision First Foundation

"Children may close their ears to advice, but their eyes are always open to example."


Remember to bring the Preschool or Student Comprehensive Eye and Vision Examination Report to your child's eye appointment.

"For Illinois" versions here

If you live in Illinois, use the Vision First report forms made for Illinois. These documents reference Illinois law. View "For Illinois" here...

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