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PTA is the largest volunteer child advocacy association in the nation.  For over 100 years, PTA has provided "support, information, and resources to families focused on the health and education of children.” 


PTA is more than fundraising

Because PTA can be a part of legislative issues, PTA is a positive and powerful influence in the community.

Work with your local PTA to initiate the resolution Importance of Comprehensive Eye and Vision Examinations in your state. 

Contact Janet Hughes here and your resolutions Chair for the procedure and requirements for your state PTA.


Are you an Illinois PTA member?

Illinois PTA adopted the resolution Required Vision Examination Before Entering Kindergarten at the 2004 convention. 

Authored by Illinois PTA member/Vision First President Janet Hughes, the resolution resolved to provide information to educate members, parents, teachers, administrators, and the public at large about children’s vision and the critical importance of comprehensive eye and vision examinations for all children during their school-aged years.


Join the Kids Eyes Count Campaign

The Vision First campaign is an excellent opportunity for your PTA to provide education regarding children’s eye and vision care.  Informative letters, vision report forms, and helpful fact sheets are included in the campaign. 

We encourage your PTA to support your school in distributing the Vision First letters, forms, and fact sheets.


Every child. One Voice.

National PTA affirms:  “Comprehensive eye and vision examinations are important for all children first entering school and regularly throughout their school-aged years.”

View the National PTA Position Statement excerpt here...  View the National PTA Position Statement—Elements of Comprehensive Health Planning full statement here...  

Encourage your school to join the Kids Eyes Count Campaign.


IFT initiates legislation

Thanks to the resolution supported with Illinois PTA, the Illinois Federation of Teachers initiated legislation in 2007.  Illinois PTA honorary life member, IFT member, Vision First board member Nora Waliczek presented the resolution to President Jane Russell of her West Suburban Teachers Union Local 571 in 2004. 

The IFT adopted the resolution at their annual convention in 2005.  It was this resolution that led the IFT in 2007 to initiate Senate Bill 641 requiring an eye exam by an eye doctor before entering kindergarten.  Read the full story here...


An age-old problem

“During the 1970’s, my son’s teachers informed me of reading problems. I questioned if his eyes should be examined.  I was always told it wasn’t necessary since he passed his vision screenings.  I believed vision screenings detected any vision problem.  I knew many parents who held this same misconception. 

Unfortunately my son struggled in school.  This caused low self-esteem and created problems for a long time.  Eventually an optometrist diagnosed a vision problem and he received vision therapy.

I tried to improve the system but screeners and ophthalmologists prevented any change.  I still don’t understand their opposition.  How can anyone be against something that is good for the children?

I am thankful and proud to be part of Vision First Foundation.  After 35 years, change is finally underway for children’s vision.”                                                                                

Nora Waliczek, Parent from Illinois

Illinois PTA Honorary Life Member

Vision First Secretary




“True happiness is not attained through self-gratification but through fidelity to a worthy cause.”
—Helen Keller

Nora Waliczek, Illinois PTA honorary life member and Vision First board member, urges all PTAs to join the

"Kids Eyes Count Campaign."