"I think this entire project is more than worthwhile. It puts kids' vision on the map; and it needs to stay there."

Ronald Vorona, Illinois

"Thank you for your pro-active campaign for children's vision.

I am a certified optometric vision therapist working with dozens of children. We have many parents who wonder where they can go fo "back-up" or to get the message out about the importance of a comprehensive eye exam. Now I have a place for them to go!"

Ann Pfister, Minnesota

"I feel Vision First is a good cause.  I hope the Vision First form could eventually catch on as a universal form. All eye exams should be consistent everywhere." 

Larry Schauff, parent from Illinois

"Thank you for the information on your website. I found your work very interesting!  It appears that optometrists nationwide agree that examining children is more important than endorsing vision screenings.  It’s been a long, hard battle.  Nice that it’s coming to fruition—finally. Best wishes! " 

Irving Bennett, OD, Pennsylvania

“Your organization and website are very impressive and for such a worthy cause.  I wish Vision First the best of luck and I hope we will meet soon.”

Kent M. Daum, OD, PhD, Professor of Optometry

Vice-President & Dean for Academic Affairs

Illinois College of Optometry

"It’s about time parents know about simple-to-detect vision problems like convergence insufficiency. Children’s vision deserves to be at its best in an environment where it’s imperative to SEE correctly.  Thank you, Vision First, for your never-ending fight for our children!"

Natalie Weber, parent from Illinois

"As you can see, the Vision First Foundation has anticipated the mandatory eye examination. The Vision First Foundation was one of the primary movers in passing this legislation. The Vision First report form, along with the Reference Page, is the most complete and informative communication between disciplines that has ever been produced. The educator can use this information to enhance a student’s learning program. The form being considered by the state provides very little about helping the child. What a waste of valuable information. Please consider these remarks, not as condemnation, but as a sincere effort to establish for our children the most modern eye and vision care that is available."

Dr. Floyd Woods, founding Vision First secretary/treasurer


Compliments during Illinois' proposed rulemaking:

"I am concerned with proposed rules written for the Child Health Examination Code. In particular, I object to proposed changes which restrict the proof of eye examination only to the use of the IDPH Eye Examination Report. I support the use of the Vision First form as proof of an eye examination in meeting the requirement of Public Act 95-0671. I believe the department should accept this form as proof of an eye examination."

Michael J. Madigan, Speaker of the House

"As a member of the legislature, I was the original sponsor of Public Act 85-351 that allowed school boards to provide for mandatory vision testing. I truly believed then, and more firmly believe now, that a distinct correlation can be made between good vision and good academics. After reviewing the proposed rule, I am of the opinion that it falls short of reaching the desired goal." Terry A. Steczo

"I know from personal experience this effort on the part of the Vision First Foundation is not a turf battle. It is not a self-aggrandizing effort. It is a sincere endeavor on the part of mothers and fathers and interested people to do all they can to provide good vision to our youngsters." Dr. Irving Bennett

"As the director of the Plano Child Development Center, I have diagnosed hundreds of patients who have received previous vision exams or no exams with visual skill deficits that could be treated...It would be a great form to use." Dr. Stephanie Johnson-Brown

"To the best children can be visually, and to the Department's efforts to make it happen." Dr. Floyd Mizener, Vision First vice-president

"What I like about the Vision First form is that more people are starting to see that vision is a big part of a child's education." Mary

“It is so important we all support this form and raise the standard of eye care our children deserve.” Janice

"This is the first I have heard of Vision First Foundation and having visited their website, am very impressed. Why would their forms be of any less value than the "State of Illiniois Eye Examination Report?" As long as a licensed physician has given the eye exam, what does it matter which form is used?" Pamela

"If the state is to adopt one form, make it the Vision First form!" Marian

"I think this would be an excellent form and resource for school age kids. Being a mother of 6 myself, this is what I'd want for my kids. Please use this form in schools for kids in their need for vision care and prevention." Cynthia'

"Illinois should accept the Vision First form. There is nothing wrong with it and it will help countless children." Cecilia

"If the new form has more and better information, what is the problem?" Roy

"Opponents of required eye exams have kept state standards at the minimum. The State form is the minimum. The Vision First form ensures a complete exam by an eye doctor is performed. No child should experience school with an uncorrected vision problem... I am totally agreeing with the opinion above!" Eric

"It seems to me like your VFF Form should be the only form that is used. Keep up the great work!" Mark

“We need to protect our children and their future. The Vision First form puts the needs of the child first.” Rupe

"Janet...keep up the fight. This is important to our children." Robert

"I feel this matter is important and the Vision First form should be used." Feb

"Vision First? Brilliant idea!" Stephanie

“This should have happened many years ago.” Brad

“Aren’t the children important enough to be taken care of in this matter… please... help to pass this in every state… for all children.” Dee

"Doesn't this make sense? Our son was considered a 'slow reader'. Actually, it was a vision problem." Geri

“Bureaucrats of America, shape up! The Vision First form is simpler and clearer.” Christoph

"We need the Vision First form because it makes the difference between screening and exam clear." Mary Jay

"I feel that this is a better form than the standard document." Robert

"The Vision First form and support materials will help the schools to utilize and promote the required vision exams. It is designed to go above and beyond the minimum and that is important when working with children's vision." Linda

"Ignoring this request would just give voters more reason to not trust the government with the well-being of our children, our future!" Heidi

"Early detection/Preserve Vision/Better Students." Joseph

"The explanation to the parents on this form helps to demonstrate to them valuable information regarding their child's visual health and well-being. Without this explanation, they look upon the requirement as just antoher hurdle to clear for no apparent reason." Dennis

"I found that the pre-made letters available are a great resource for administrators who have to enforce parents/guardians to obtain the examination. By using the assortment of forms that are available saves them time and misunderstanding. The Vision First form is the way to go." Audrey

"The Vision First form is a wonderful tool, has been well thought out, and ensures a comprehensive exam for each child." Martina

"As an optometrist with a special interest in children's vision, I prefer the Vision First form because it allows me to communicate more completely with the school nurse and teachers." Kimberly

"The Vision First form goes into greater detail of testing in areas of visual efficiency skills, which are important in school performance. More students with significant vision problems will be identified by use of the Vision First form." Natalie

"It is very important for the future of our youth. I only wish we could have had this back in my day. Do what's RIGHT!" Michael

"I believe the Vision First form is awesome for kids, teachers, and parents trying to work on the same page (fulfilling the child's needs)." Candace

"This critical subject needs support and attention - this will change lives." Wendy

"As an educator and grandmother of a child who's entire educational experience has been changed by vision therapy, I support the work of Janet Hughes." Ella

"This is such a very good thing to support. Everyone's vision should be a must for all. Our children are our future and to help them with vision is such a great cause." Brenda

"Stongly in favor!" Srinivas

"Great move, I support whole heartedly." Lakshmi

"I have used this form for at least the past two school years as a means of communication with school nurses. I find it very comprehensive and it has helped free up the nurses' time by not screening children who have already had a comprehensive exam." Shawna

"I am proud that Illinois has taken such a proactive stand for our children." Ronald

"This is an awesome cause. I personally know a child whose eyesight is impaired now, but if she had the advantage of what this cause stands for she would have good vision now." Debbie

"Why does it have to be such a hassle to get government approval for such an important thing as a child's eyesight, especially with needy parents." Tony

"Be a visionary and support this wonderful Vision First initiative. If you don't see the importance of Vision First, please look into your heart and you'll find the answer." Greg

"Please pass the Vision First Foundation form. The Vision First form is easier to understand." Laura

"We need the Vision First form to clarify the exam vs. screening. The Vision First form is clear and needed." Jill

"Great idea!" Eric

"This is an important national issue and Illinois needs to lead the way." Doug

"Although my kids are grown, my grandchildren are not. I wish for them the best, because I didn't have that choice for mine. So, do the right thing for a change and make this form not only a law, but mandatory to be used. Then spread its usage thru-out the U.S. and maybe even international. Stop pretending to care about children and start being serious about them." Larry

“I was one of the unlucky children who went through school not able to see the blackboard or even my teacher. Needless to say, I failed all through school until the day I quit, with the blessings of everyone concerned, at the age of 16. I needed glasses. I did not get them. NO one cared. As a result...I am uneducated and poor. Please do not do this to other children. Please do not destroy any chance of a good job and a good life. ALL children need their eyes examined from year to year while in school." Dolores

“Always do right.

This will gratify some people and astonish the rest.”
—Mark Twain