Vision Report Forms

Vision First encourages comprehensive eye and vision examinations for all children at each grade level. 


The Vision First report forms

The Vision First report form can be used in every state across the nation.

  • Preschool Comprehensive Eye and Vision Examination Report (for 3- and 4-year-olds.)

Available as a standard or custom form.



  • Reference Page (explains the Vision First report form)  Available as a standard or custom document.


Other vision report forms

  • Illinois Eye Examination Report All children enrolled in any public, private, or parochial school are required to have an eye exam by an optometrist, or physician who provides eye exams, by October 15 of their first year in an Illinois school.
  • Kentucky Eye Examination Form for School Entry All three, four, five, or six year children enrolled in public school, public preschool, or Head Start are required to have an eye exam by an optometrist or ophthalmologist before January 1 of their first year.
  • Wisconsin Eye Health Examination Form The State of Wisconsin encourages parents of Kindergarteners to arrange for their child's eyes to be examined by an optometrist or evaluated by a physician by December 31 of the child's first year in school.


The Vision First report provides valuable information

The Preschool and Student Comprehensive Eye and Vision Examination Report provides valuable information for parents and teachers.  The Reference Page explains the Vision First report.

  • Eye and vision problems are best detected and treated early.  


  • The Vision First report form exceeds state standards.
  • Healthy eyes and good vision are important for success in school.   


Standard and Custom to meet your needs

Vision First documents are available "standard" or "custom" to meet your needs.

  • Standard documents are perfect for parents, or those seeking a single copy, or multiple copies without a need for approval before distribution.


  • Custom documents allow your name to be included on the Vision First documents approved for distribution. Custom documents are perfect for schools, eye clinics, and organizations distributing multiple copies.


About an eye appointment

Parents will gain helpful information if a Vision First report form is brought to a child's eye appointment and completed by the eye doctor.

Schools will be able to provide an excellent educational program for the child if a Vision First report form is submitted to the school. 

Eye doctors will gain parental compliance with their eye care recommendations if the Vision First report form is completed at a child's eye appointment.

  • Increase communication between the eye doctor and parent.
  • Increase understanding of a child's visual abilities and eye care needs.
  • Ensure a child's success in school.


Vision report forms for vision screenings

If your school conducts vision screenings, the Vision First report form should be included with the Vision Screening Letter before any vision screening is conducted.

  • Parents are encouraged to complete an eye exam by an eye doctor. 
  • A child should not be required to undergo a vision screening if a current report form signed by an eye doctor is submitted to the child's school.   
  • Vision screening is not a substitute for an eye examination.


The most important educational tool

"In my practice of 56 years in Oak Lawn, Illinois, we have implemented the use of the Student Comprehensive Eye and Vision Examination Report and the accompanying Reference Page. It has become, by far, the most important educational tool in our office.

There is a big difference between a comprehensive eye and vision examination and the various misleading vision screenings.  A completed Vision First report clearly and succinctly allows parents to discuss a child's visual abilities with educators and how these visual abilities relates to their child's academic achievement.

This powerful communication tool must become universal in its use.  Our children deserve the best vision they can have, not the bare minimum as exposed by many vision screening devices being foisted on the public as adequate vision care. 


It is my hope that every parent, school, and eye doctor across the nation will join us in the Kids Eyes Count Campaign and utilize the Vision First report form.

                                                               Floyd Woods, MEd, OD                              Past President, Illinois Optometric Association                  Founding Secretary/Treasurer, Vision First Foundation


"Act as if what you do makes a difference.  It does."             —William James

A Vision First report form should be in every child's registration packet each year.

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