Fact Sheets

These helpful facts sheets by Vision First are in the correct format for quality printing by a computer or professional print shop.

  • Standard is reserved for a single copy or multiple copies without the need for approval for distribution. 
  • Custom is reserved for schools, eye clinics, and organizations printing in quantities.  Custom documents allow your name to be included on the Vision First materials approved for distribution.


Check your printer's setting

For full size copies, make sure your printer's print setting for "scale to paper size" is set for "no scaling." 


The most important school supply

Recommended reading for all parents, educators, and legislators.  A great fact sheet to include in a school's registration packet.


Do you know what's best for a child's eyes?

For schools that joined the campaign, this fact sheet is perfect with the introduction letter by the superintendent or principal.


Did you say screening, test or exam?

The first fact sheet from our "Help! I'm confused!" series.  We hope this series will answer your questions and end your confusion.


Kindergarten news!  Eye exam required in Illinois

Explains the new eye exam requirement for all children entering kindergarten, or the first grade enrolled in Illinois.

"There is a principle which is a bar against all information, which is proof against all arguments and which cannot fail to keep a man in everlasting ignorancethat principle is contempt prior to investigation."
—Herbert Spencer

Comprehensive eye and vision examinations are important for all children first entering school and throughout their school-aged years.